"Advancing sustainable peace through development and well informed citizenry"


Section 1: Powers and Duties.
All corporate powers shall be exercised either by or pursuant to the authority of the Board of Directors (Board). The Board shall manage and direct the business and other affairs of NIPD.
(a) The Board shall direct the affairs of NIPD and control funds in accordance with applicable law and these bylaws.
(b) The Board shall be responsible for the strategic and long-range planning of the organization.
(c) The Board shall approve the annual budget and audit.
(d) The Board shall set the overall strategy for raising funds to carry out the mission of NIPD and for raising public awareness of NIPD’s objectives and achievements. The Board is actively involved with these actions.
(e) The Board may employ an Executive Director and pay him/ her such compensation as the Board determines to be appropriate.
(f) The Board may establish such standing and ad hoc committees as it determines to be necessary to assist in carrying out NIPD’s objectives.
(g) The Board shall ensure that all Directors, employees, and any persons entrusted with the handling of NIPD’s funds and property are sufficiently bonded when NIPD has enough funds deemed sufficient by the Board in collaboration with the Executive Director. The Treasurer shall provide an update of available funds to the Board for review at each Executive Board Meeting. The Board shall ensure that NIPD carries sufficient liability insurance covering all such persons as the Board deems appropriate as designated by the board in consultation with the Executive Director.