"Advancing sustainable peace through development and well informed citizenry"


The Nile Institute for Peace and Development is an independent research organization, dedicated to the conduct of quality research, training, advocacy, and facilitation of dialogue within and between the various communities in South Sudan.  The Nile Institute for Peace and Development was established on April 3, 2013, as a response to the need for peace and development throughout South Sudan and the Diaspora. The Institute seeks to address important national and regional issues affecting South Sudan and its larger societies by shaping policies related to national governance, improving analytical capacities, formulating original problems and working towards durable solutions. We believe that sustainable peace can be achieved through development and well-informed citizenry. We plan to do this by educating and empowering South Sudanese communities and policy makers in South Sudan and the Diaspora to play a positive role in promoting peace and development, which will in turn foster cooperation and understanding among various ethnic communities across South Sudan and the world.